Fashion Designing as a Career

Fashion Designing as a Career

By Dwijendra Kumar

Pic Courtesy: SERA

Readymade garment industry in India is estimated worth approx 40 billion dollars. In fact, export of readymade garments constitute approx 40 pc of total exports in textiles which is said to be around 44 billion US dollars. No wonder then, that the readymade garment industry has got tremendous potential not only in terms of revenues but also for employment generation. Fashion designers of course top their priority list. 

In addition to a number of manufacturing units in the field catering to domestic and export market, there are thousands of boutiques operating in the country which are run by reputed companies or designers at individual level. These boutiques cater to a few select clients but their products are rated of high standard in terms of quality and design. 

All these have created ample opportunities for a trained fashion designer to find employment in the field or staring own company. As the craze for trendy clothes is gaining momentum with each passing day, the future of fashion designers seems bright. 

A fashion designer possesses in-depth information about designs, fabrics and other technicalities associated with the production of a designer garment. 

To meet the expectations of their clients, a Fashion Designer needs to have excellent command over design and production related aspects of a designer creation. S/he needs to be good at drawing and also at using various colors so as to communicate his/her ideas emphatically. 

A Fashion Designer also has the option to work as Sample Coordinator, Quality Controller, Fashion Merchandisers, Production Assistant, Pattern Grader, Pattern Cutter, Fashion Communicator, Fashion Journalist, etc.

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