Fashion Sample Coordinators: Job Description

Fashion Sample Coordinators: Job Description

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efore design of a garment is approved, it goes through a cycle of consultations with designers, merchandisers, quality controllers and buyers. Those responsible for coordinating this lengthy and arduous process are called Sample Coordinators and the design, Sample.

In fast changing fashion field, buyers or distributors or retailers keep the manufacturers under pressure to churn out dresses in a variety of designs and styles. And so, manufacturers are forced to lure them by showcasing a range of samples and taking their approvals.

Each sample developed by a garment manufacturer has to be critically analysed on all counts- designs and styles, fabrics and accessories used and their availability, technicalities involved such as dyes and washes and the production cost. Accordingly, the same are priced.

While inputs and efforts come in from various departments such as Designing, Merchandising, Quality Control, Technologists etc, role of Sample Coordinators remain vital as the sample must be developed as per specifications received from buyers and delivered within time frame.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Sample Coordinator:

  1. Developing Samples to seek orders for mass production from Buyers, Distributors, Retailers etc or vice versa.
  2. Receiving inputs on style/ design from Fashion Marketing team/ Merchandisers and creating a prototype of the same, on paper or digitally.
  1. Creating patters based on the specifications received in consultation with the Designing and Quality Control teams.
  2. Developing samples in coordination with concerned departments and taking approvals from buyers.
  3. As a number of samples are developed to woo all types of buyers, these samples need to be cataloged and maintained properly.
  4. Coordinating with Fashion Marketing Team for photoshoots with or without models.
  5. Creating a Digital Catalogue of all the samples developed.
  6. They would also need to advise concerned teams on issues being faced in the development of the samples and how to produce on mass scale ensuring minimum consumption of fabrics and reducing time taken to produce the same.

Skills Required:

  1. One must have a professional qualification in Fashion Designing or Garment Technology.
  2. Good Communication and Inter-Personal Skills.
  3. A Team Player.
  4. Knowledge of Digital Technology and related softwares.

All garment manufacturers be they working for domestic or export market do have Sample Coordinators on their payrolls😀

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