Making a Career in Fashion as Graphic Designer

Making a Career in Fashion as Graphic Designer

Dwijendra Kumar

The whole world has come closer with advancement in technological sphere.In the business of fashion too,  various IT tools are used prominently. In fact, information technology fosters innovation in business.

As our new world is the digitised world, we need more advancement in our marketing of business. IT tools help in creating visually appealing contents for print and online media, smarter websites, blogs and apps and also wide information distribution.

Using suitable IT tools and softwares, Graphics communicate fashion ideas and products to the prospective clientele and customers. In fact, it is one of the key elements of marketing of fashion products.

The objective is to promote the fashion items and lure customers into buying the same  by creating unique visual contents that stands out while facing tough competition from rival brands. 

Graphics include pictures, illustrations, logos and layouts used in promotional materials such as brouchers, print and digital advertisements, catalogues, fashion publications, websites, apps, blogs, mails to customers etc. Thus showcasing the product globally in fastest and smartest way.

A Graphic Designer therefore needs to create attractive visual contents for use on various media platforms  conveying  the message most appropriately and effectively.They need to be well conversant with  

various design tools and related softwares.

In the fashion industry, their role is to create a distinct identity for the brands relating to  clothing and other fashion accessories.They do so by formulating a strategy which bring together product, lifestyle and brand communication and help them stand out.

The objective is to capture attention of the prospective consumers and make them interact with their contents on various social media platforms including Instagram which has over 100 crores of users worldwide and visitors basically interested in contents relating to beauty and fashion.

Fashion Magazines are one of the major recruiters of graphic designers wherein tbey work on preparing suitable layouts and designs for Covers and inside pages by selecting most appropriate images, type —fonts and color schemes for both print and online editions.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Based on inputs received from Fashion Communication/ Creative  team, they visualise use of pictures and text for online/print campaign  in the most attractive way.

2. Prepare suitable layouts for the promotional materials using attractive   colour schemes, fonts and placement of texts and pictures

3. Work as part of creative team including copy writers, creative directors and fashion communication professionals.

4. Responsible for creating visually appealing contents and overall presentation of print and digital promotional  tools and materials including emails, websites, apps, blogs, advertisements, brouchers etc.

Courses in the field:

National Institute of Design (NID), Ministry of Commerce and Industry offers a Bachelor in Design Course in the field of Graphic Designing at its Ahmedadbad Centre. Aspiring Graphic Designers learn about

typography and type design, illustration, photogrpahy, branding, publication design, corporate identity, packaging, print design, image making and information and communication systems in digital domains as well as analogous media.

National Institute of Fashion Technology at its New Delhi centre provides a one-year course in Graphic Design and Communication (GDC). Those having +2 qualification are eligible to apply.

Skills Required:

1. Proven track record in producing excellent Illustrations and layouts.

2. Ability to work in a team of creative persons

3. Highly committed and must be able to follow deadlines.

4. Imaginative and creative, s/he should be able to grasp the objective of a promotional campaign.

5. Well conversant with Design Softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

6. Good communication skills.

7. Highly creative, must think out of box.

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