Fashion Blogging and Vlogging as emerging Careers

Fashion Blogging and Vlogging as emerging Careers

Dwijendra Kumar

Digital contents are getting more views these days than in the past. So people writing on specific topics on digital platforms have taken up their work seriously and professionally.

Called Bloggers when they deal in digital contents and Vloggers when they upload videos, these professionals are becoming much sought after people amongst their specific target viewers who eagerly await latest contents in the form of blogs and vlogs from them. Many viewers come to their respective blogs and vlogs to have a look at their contents using search engines as Google etc.

No wonder then, once they are able to consolidate their viewers as regular visitors, they begin to earn money through digital dvertisements .

However, Blogging and Vlogging are yet to come of age, are new fields and hence very few have taken up the same as careers.

What we would like to suggest is that after completing technical formalities required to start a blog or a vlog and before getting to writew down on fashion or uploading videos, one must plunge deep inside to find out his/her strength and focus on that specific area of interest only.

Content remains the king in this highly specialised area of activity. Suppose one would like his blog and vlog to revolve around latest fashion trends, then all his/her write-ups and videos be focused on similar topics only.It also helps Google to understand the uniqueness of your blog or vlog and then give it a better ranking.

Do share link of your blog and vlog as much as you can. Also share links of other useful websites in your blog and vlog so as to win confidence of your target readers and viewers.

For detailed information on how to attract traffic to your blogs and vlogs and to make a living through it, one may  have a look at many blogs and vlogs available on youtube guiding on the same. 

(Dwijendra Kumar is writing on fashion for last over two decades. For more information on careers in fashion he can be reached on blog: and

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