A trained Fashion Designer and Faculty, Fashion Designing, Sanchita Gupta has earned name and fame as Costume Designer too. Excerpts from Interview:

Q1. What is costume Designing?

Ans. Costume designing is process of building visual identity of a character from the script to the real life through clothing and accessorising. The pitch here is to translate the director’s vision by studying the script, researching the era, plot, mood and then creating the look for the film, series or theatre production.
A costume designer plans and creates the clothing and accessories worn by the characters in a film, series, or theater production.
Q2.How a course in fashion designing helps one in pursuing career as Costume Designer?

Ans. If a person has a thorough understanding of fashion designing, technical skills, assembling ideas through mood board, sketches, making a timeline, character development etc. then definitely one can begin at an entry level or as Costume Design Intern.

3. What are your achievements as a Costume Designer?
Ans. I have been working as a costume designer with various international feature films. I’ve worked as a costume designer with the film director/actor Oliver Zahle for his Danish feature film “film Iqbal & den indiske juvel”. The film bagged 2 nominations for Danish film awards ( Robert)
I have also worked as a costume director with the Oscar award nominee film director Hannes Holm for his tv series “Delhis vackraste händer”
Both the films required years of research work as a costume designer to give the best.
Apart from these I have worked with Japanese and English films as well. It’s much more satisfying when you go beyond the boundaries, research, understand, live the other tradition, culture and then create a character for a particular project.

4. How you view career prospects in Costume Designing?

Ans. Designing costumes for the performing arts, motion pictures or television shows is achallenging job. One has to have great communication skills with the understanding of the research process, collaborations and storytelling. It has a great career prospects for a go-getter.

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